Monday, May 7, 2007

Blogger Happy

I've never had my very own, personal, 'this is what I did today...' blog, but I figured that since I am embarking into the summer where I'm hoping to have some noteworthy experiences and since it's the Monday of finals week at 11:something PM and I don't have any finals tomorrow, it's probably in my best interest to create a blog! I have kept diaries and journals (the grown-up diary) before, but frankly, it's still a little strange to write down today's happenings in virtual form...if I could have made 'virtual form' all squiggly I definitely would have!

Today was a nice day for a few reasons. The first reason is that I got to watch two movies with my roommate who is graduating this year! We've been roommates for three years now and it's going to be weird to not have her there in the morning to tell about the dream I had with the dancing waffles or to be able to walk to the cafeteria with her for lunch. Today was also enjoyable because of the beautiful weather and of course, a wonderful turkey sandwich I got for lunch (we just got new turkey at our school and I couldn't be happier about it) Well that's all for my first post. I'm sure that you were absolutely on the edge of your seat reading that one... Talk to you soon. Is that what I say?

P.S. The picture of those older folks represent how excited I am about having this new blog!


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