Thursday, October 4, 2007

This happened.

So, it is a somewhat widely unknown fact that during high school I went through a few phases. There was the toe sock phase, which entailed my wearing toe socks (which were usually rainbow colored) with capri pants and sandals. Then there was the driving around aimlessly phase from Stamford, CT to Portchester, NY (a total drive of fifteen minutes) and then back...and then back again. I mustn't forget the prank phase complete with Marilyn Monroe wig, tiny hand-shaped back scratcher and made up languages. There were many more...too many and too inconsequential to to name here, but I will mention one more: the walking home from school phase.

I know that you're all on the edge of your seats about this one, so I won't keep you waiting any longer. This phase included, oddly enough, me walking home from school. I know, you wouldn't have guessed that in a thousand years... The reason why I'm mentioning all this is because of a certain occurrence that happened today which reminded me of those good old days of walking home from school.

You see, during a handful of those walks home, for no apparent reason, I found an assortment of playing cards. Now, I may be a little out of the loop on the latest beats that the kids are listening too and who's dating who in Hollywood, but I'm pretty sure that there was never a major outflow of sidewalk card players. Even so, there seemed to always be a card to pick up whenever I chose to walk home, which seeing as it was my "walking home from school phase", was quite often.

So get this, today I got to thinking about those good old days of walking home from school and collecting playing cards and thought, while walking by the library today, that it would be great to find a playing card one of these days so that I could write in my new blog about it. The thought passed and I continued on with my day...Then tonight at precisely 11:25pm my roommate, Sarah B., text messaged me with, "Hey will u be up in 15 min? I found something on the street for u lol!" I know you all know what it was by now...a braughtworst...well you're right! Just joking... YES!! She found playing cards...and we're not just one standard Bicycle brand card...we're talking a nearly complete deck of smiley faced, candy corn shaped playing cards!! What are the odds...seriously. Today I think of walking home which makes me think of the cards I used to find and how I'd like to blog about finding a playing card while walking today and then POOF! Sarah B. shows up with a deck of cards in her hands that she found not on a table...not in the mouth of a dog...but ON THE STREET. I know, it's crazy...but the Lord works in mysterious smiley faced, candy corn shaped card-finding ways!

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