Friday, September 12, 2008

Sometimes It's Hard To Be a Woman... Sometimes It's Not.

Tammy Wynette does make a valid point, sometimes it is hard to be a woman, but I have recently noticed that it sometimes can also be very easy... even often times enjoyable.  I work in a lovely office building filled with powerful and influential business men and women.  It is in this very office building that I have seen more gentlemanly behavior than ever before.  I have been called 'gentlemanly' on a number of occasions by those close to me, which could be insulting seeing as I am a woman, but I prefer to take it as a compliment because I know that I appreciate when gentlemanly behavior is displayed on my behalf.  Here at work I have noticed an incredible number of door holders, "Ladies first"ers, and "Pardon me"ers.  I grew up with a gentleman of a father, so I tend to notice when someone goes out of his or her way in the manners department.  Now, I can't tell you when door holding or "Ladies first"ing began, but  I can tell you that I appreciate it.  I know some women hate the whole chivalry act that is believed to coincide with acting in a gentlemanly manner, but I think that if it's taken at face value and not read into, that these expressions can be received as common courtesies and even acts of kindness.  

So, yes... it's not always easy to coif one's hair or shave one's legs, but it is easy to say thank you and to pass on the courtesy that is expressed through gentlemanly behavior.  The whole point of this entry isn't to put down people who refuse to open the door for others or to say, "Change your ways!", to those people who hate "acts of chivalry", but rather to say thank you.  Although it may sometimes be easy to be a woman, I never want to take it for granted.  So, thank you door holders!  Thank you "Ladies First"ers!  Thank you "Pardon me"ers!  Your manners (may you be a gentleman or a gentlewoman) are appreciated on my part!

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