Saturday, November 8, 2008

I Can't Just Keep This To Myself!

I have been feeling a bit nostalgic these past days... I guess talking about my favorite childhood movies sparked something in me. Last night I saw a few friends that I went to elementary school with and I (of course) had to bring up memories of childhood, which got us talking about the toys, games, and fads that we children of the 90's embraced and loved so dearly. My friends from elementary school and I got to talking about the games that we would play during our "Media Center" visits. I can remember sitting down as a class to clunky old Mac computers to play education and fun (I remember them being mostly fun...) games like Oregon Trail. I decided to try to find the online versions of a few of my favorite games from Media Center time and I was happily successful! Do you remember Number Munchers? Not everyone does, but those who are familiar with the game will definitely want to spend time playing online here:

Number Munchers

Got a hankering for 7 lbs. of bacon? Miss risking life and limb by crossing a treacherous and partially frozen lake? Wish that you could spend countless virtual months with celebrities like J.T.T. and Devon Sawa only to lose one or both of them to Small Pox? Play Oregon Trail here:

Oregon Trail

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Carl said...

I love Number Munchers!