Friday, June 12, 2009

I like long walks on the beach and learning new things...

Since graduating from college my mind has become decreasingly academic and increasingly social. Books have been replaced by friends and homework by movie nights and dinners. I must admit, I feel extremely blessed to have the social life that I do, but social gatherings usually require one key element - conversation. At a recent social gathering I found myself having nothing to contribute to a discussion the subject of 2012. I've even noticed that the creative part of my mind that used to sit and ponder thing like the infinite size of space and possibility of life on other planets has settled down since college has come to an ending. All I can do is sit back and ask myself, "What is going on?!" Have I really already started to lose what I no longer use?

In an effort to bring new knowledge into my mind and, on a broader spectrum, better myself, I am embarking on an academic adventure, on an intellectual inquisition, on a wisdom walk, on a comprehension course, on a... you get the idea.

I'm creating a YouTube playlist with videos on different topics that I am interested in learning about... because, hey, you can get an answer to pretty much anything on the Internet.

Here's the link:
Nicole's Informative and Inquisitive Playlist

Let me know if you know of any interesting topics that I should add!


Sarah said...

Alright Ms. "I like long walks on the beach..." you're only 23, no need to put yourself out there on blogger. You know, there's websites like and to meet people! You blog, though? So NOT classy!

myjedilightsaber said...
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Kristin said...

I am battling this problem too.
I feel like I have lost my intellectual side as well.
I opt for Heros over Philosophy, and HSM3 over literature these days.
What happened? Can this be repaired? Does it need to be? I am writing a blog with similar ideas RIGHT NOW.

But in the mean time! Learn Nicole! Learn!

(Sorry I had to repost under my new blog name :) )