Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dream On!

It's not everyday that I am inspired to blog. It takes something striking that I experience or see to make me want to blog. It also takes something that I think is worth sharing with the masses (okay, maybe not the masses...). Today I would like to discuss dreams... No, not the ones Freud analyzed... I'm talking the fourth definition of the noun dream in Webster's Dictionary: a strongly desired goal or purpose dream of becoming president> b: something that fully satisfies a wish dream>.

My thoughts about dreams have been more frequent over the past year or so. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the "real world" is at a closer reach than ever before with graduation just months away. Whatever the reason, I have been thinking a lot about my own dreams lately. What made me take the step over the edge into blogging about dreams was watching "Working Girl", a 80's movie about a young secretary who has a dream of becoming something greater and finds her way up to the top in the business world complete with teased hair and shoulder pads and then watching "The Pursuit of Happiness" tonight. Some time last year when all this "dreamy thinking" began I started a 43 Things online. 43 Things is this great website where you can create an account and list 43 Things that you want to accomplish. You can check off what you have done and write about it, share stories with other people who share you goals, and cheer others goals and have your goals cheered. I highly recommend making a 43 Things to all those in need of tangibly seeing their goals and being able to keep track of them. I know that I am a visual person, so having my goals/dreams in a place where I can read them keeps me motivated to pursue them.

I think that it's so awesome that God gives us the ability to dream and gives us many of the dreams we have. As human beings, we're so unique in this world because of our dreams. They help to make us who we are and make us so unique. Because of this I think that the best way to work out our dreams is to acknowledge that we are created to dream and discuss our dreams with the one who created us. With dreaming in mind, here are a few dreams I have for my final semester of college...some of them are serious...most of them, not so much:

1.) Today I found one of my mom's old dresses in the attic. It's black with rhinestone straps. I really like it and I want to wear it somewhere before the end of next semester.
2.) I am trying to learn guitar. I have mastered one song so far, "Smelly Cat" from Friends. I would like to learn a song that is a little more challenging and perform it in a public place before I graduate.
3.) Knit ten caps for ten people. Today my friend Sarah W. sent me a website about how to knit caps. I started my first one tonight and if it goes well I would like to knit nine more (or more) before the end of the semester. I might even try my hand at selling a few!
4.) For my final project in cartooning class this semester (yes, I really took a class in cartooning...) I decided to make a line of greeting cards. Over the summer I met a woman who owns a gift shop in my town and talked with her about selling greeting cards at her shop. She said she'd love to see my work. At the time I didn't really have any, but now I do and I would love to sell what I have created at her shop and someday start up my own greeting card line...but for now, I'll stick with selling the greeting cards that I have made so far at her shop before the end of the school year.
5.) Read my Bible every day. I just don't read it as much as I'd like, so I want to challenge myself to do so every day. I know that when I do I feel a lot better and understand what exactly I'm doing here so much more.
6.) Go dancing because I now know how (somewhat) thanks to my ballroom dancing class!
7.) Make a music video. I've always wanted to, so why not now?
8.) I want to find a job...because I have to. I want to find a job that I'm passionate about and that gets me excited to go to every day. I'd love for it to have something to do with my major, because that's probably a good idea seeing as I've spent the last four years learning about graphic design related things, but I'd also like for it to be fun and for it to challenge me creatively.
9.) Since I have become more interested in music during my time in college, especially during my senior year, I would like to create a CD with my favorite songs from the year. I think this will be something that I'll play when I'm 40 and think, "Wow... wow." or something along those lines.
10.) Take a picture every day in 2008, put it on a blog, and write about why, where, and when I took it.

Well, I hope this blog post got you dreaming... or at least thinking about dreams. As Hall & Oates says..."I'm down on the daydream"... I hope that after reading this, you are a little bit more down on the daydream too.

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