Friday, January 9, 2009

Wallet Hide & Seek

Today began with a missing wallet. I had set my alarm for 8:30am, hoping to turn over a new leaf of getting up before 10am. It turned out that an alarm wasn't necessary to wake me up, a missing wallet would do just as well. I awoke to sounds of rummaging from the other room and the proclamation, "I'm so flabbergasted! I can't find my wallet anywhere!" (Yes, the word flabbergasted actually was used). My dad had lost his wallet somewhere the night before.

A creature of useful habits, my dad usually makes it a point to either empty the content of his pockets on his dresser before going to sleep or leaving everything in the pants that he plans to wear the following day. Of course he would be shocked to find his dresser bare and his pockets empty upon waking up this morning. My first groggy thought was the same as his - someone had silently entered our house during the course of the night, made their way to my parent's bedroom, stolen my father's wallet, and left without taking anything else... perhaps it was an intricate plan to steal his identity! (Both my dad and I have very active imaginations).

My mom kept us grounded by saying that that was very unlikely and that the most logical solution was that he had left it at Starbucks -his last stop the night before. He left the house around 7:30am to inquire about his wallet at Starbucks only to return fifteen minutes later to tell us that Starbucks doesn't open their safe until 8:15am.

I decided to use the remaining thirty minutes to let my subconscious mind speak on the whereabouts of my father's wallet (meaning, I went back to sleep). I slept for about ten minutes before being awoken by a triumphant, "I found it!" My dad had found his wallet! It had been on the floor of his room under some clothes the entire time. We were all relieved and I decided to celebrate by falling peacefully back to sleep.